Laser Malaysia. In the match Indonesia vs Malaysia Malaysia several times fans shining a laser into the face of Indonesian players. Disorders of this laser beam is clearly visible, even on the television screen when we watch AFF Cup 2010 final match between Indonesia national team against Malaysia at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia, Sunday, December 26, 2010.

Supporters of Malaysia is known to use a green laser light that is directed to Indonesian players. Looks goalkeeper Markus Horison and national team captain whose face was highlighted Firman Utina laser. The incident has also called for Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono protested.

When watching barsama in Cikeas, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) felt disturbed by this laser beam interference.

Irfan BACHDIM PROFILE - Who does not know Irfan Bachdim? he is a football player Indonesian Dutch descent, who is currently strengthening Persema Malang in Indonesia Super League. He also joined in the Indonesian national team Alfred Riedl care for AFF Cup 2010. In the play, he can occupy various positions such as striker, midfielder or wing.

Irfan Bachdim is now very popular among lovers of football, especially women. because he is very powerful in the field and also has a handsome face. two things that make Irfan Bachdim tub artist today.
Nickname mortal enemy of Indonesia as inappropriate girded Malaysia. The conflict with Indonesia from various things have often experienced such as mutual claims of the island, boundaries, or cultural claim. more funny anymore now Naturalization Irfan Bachdim Players also claimed to come from Malaysia.

This time the story of Narnia Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin, Eustace Scrubb - enter the painting into a ship toward the end of a fantastic world of Narnia

Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter are 4 brothers who are always "trapped" into the world of adventure in Narnia. If two previous films they were always together, in his series this time, only Lucy and Edmund was the re-entry into the world of Aslan, the Lord of Narnia. Wait, they are not alone, they inadvertently brought along his cousin who sucks participate, Eustace. And media, emigration was no longer a closet or a train, but a painting.

Back to join with friends royal soldier Prince Caspian and Reepicheep mice, they headed for a mysterious mission to the Lone Islands. This magical journey will test the heart and spirit of the three faces Dufflepuds witch, an evil slave traders, the roar of the dragon and the mermaid's charming. The only route towards Asian countries that have not been mapped - the trip will be fate of each crew Dawn Treader - to save Narnia and all the incredible creatures in it from an unexpected fate.

Malacca - To increase economic growth as its neighbors, the Malacca, Malaysia is ready to build a bridge connecting the Strait of Malacca to Sumatra. Construction of the bridge is expected to cost U.S. $ 12.75 billion.

"We want a bridge Malacca is conducted to improve the economy on both sides. We've got the funds to build the bridge," said Datuk Seri Moh Ali bin Rustam Chief Minister of Economy, Malacca in a meeting with reporters at the Majestic Restaurant, Malacca, on Monday ( 12/20/2010).

She identifies, funds the construction of the bridge was a loan from China Exim Bank of U.S. $ 12.75 billion. The funds will digelontorkan is a form of cooperation with private parties in Malacca.

"These funds, not government funds Malacca, Malaysia or the government. But the fund is a collaboration between Malacca investors who get loans," said Ali Moh Series.

Camilla Belle Routh will star in drama titled Zebras. Together with Ryan Kwanten, his co-star, the film is directed by Bruce Beresford, director veteran from Australia who helped produce the film Driving Miss Daisy and Double Jeopardy.

As quoted from Popsugar, Sunday, November 14, 2010, Zebras, a script written by David Williamson is a movie based on the true story of a music producer who discovered talents young footballer in the township of Soweto, South Africa.

In the journey, the talented footballer was then formed in a team that later success. Football team was named Zebras, since it consists of a mixture of black and white players.

Soweto, a small town southwest of Johannesburg, South Africa alone is home of several popular South African footballer. They include Lucas Radebe, former captain of Leeds United, Siphiwe Tshabalala, mainstay wing who scored the first goal of the 2010 World Cup, as well as Steven Pienaar, Everton attacking midfielder pledge today.

Heavy rain which fell on Thursday (16/12) at around 15:30 pm, making the activity a little disturbed residents of Denpasar. Hail downs felt residents in the surrounding residential Mahendradatta Street and Merpati Street, Housing Monang Maning, West Denpasar.

"About ten minutes after the rain, suddenly there was a sound like a thrown stone. After the note, it turns out there is broken ice cube size 1 x 1 centimeter, "said Nyoman Wirya, one of the residents of Mount Agung, who see this rare event directly.

Illustration"This is the first time for life. Residents are also afraid to come out because the sound of thunder and lightning fast, "he said.

"The ice was as clear as in the freezer. There also are already melting, "said Nyoman.

One shop owner in Jalan Gunung Agung also looking at this hail event.

Welcome to the Fortune City where the dead rise again. After a zombie outbreak which occurred in the first Dead Rising, now a another outbreak again occurred in Fortune City - which is a replica of Las Vegas, the world's number one gambling town. With a wad of money and tens of thousands of zombies wandering, can you save yourself and other survivors as well as clear your good name?

Before playing this game to know that Capcom released a prologue titled Case Zero in the form of downloadable content. There is told a racer named Chuck Greene lost his wife into a zombie and bitten her daughter's child. Lucky Chuck still managed to escape. And time was moved up to the beginning of the game Dead Rising 2.

You want to know how to survive in a city full of zombies? Use all the objects around you as weapons and creative thinking!

The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 videogame is packed from start to finish with action and combat. Players will be on the run, fighting for survival on a desperate and dangerous quest to locate and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, engaging with Death Eaters and Snatchers in epic battle sequences at every turn. To amplify the action, players will encounter ferocious creatures from the previous films in addition to the adversaries Harry faces in the seventh film. They will need to muster their most powerful magic against relentless assaults from all sides. There are no more lessons, no more training. This time the danger is real. It's time for players to fight for their lives.

Strength Voldemort getting stronger. He mastered the entire Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decided to resolve the struggle and find horcruxes Dumbledore to defeat the Dark Lord.
However, little hope for their do that, so everything should go as planned

Restriction is meant by emergency services (emergency care) are part of the medical services needed by patients in the immediate period (imediatlely) to save his life (life saving). Health unit that carries out the emergency services called by the name of the ER (emergency unit. Depending on the capability of being owned, the presence of ER can be various kinds.


Activities that are the responsibility of the ER iawab many kinds. It can generally be divided into three types (Flynn, 1962):

1. Organizing emergency services save lives Aims sufferers, but is often used only to obtain first aid and get services even outpatient services.

2. Held penyeringan service for cases requiring intensive inpatient services. Referring to cases of emergency which was considered heavy for intensive inpatient services.

3. Carrying out emergency medical information service. Accommodating and answered all the questions all members of the public about everything that has to do with emergency medical conditions (emergency medical questions).