Malacca - To increase economic growth as its neighbors, the Malacca, Malaysia is ready to build a bridge connecting the Strait of Malacca to Sumatra. Construction of the bridge is expected to cost U.S. $ 12.75 billion.

"We want a bridge Malacca is conducted to improve the economy on both sides. We've got the funds to build the bridge," said Datuk Seri Moh Ali bin Rustam Chief Minister of Economy, Malacca in a meeting with reporters at the Majestic Restaurant, Malacca, on Monday ( 12/20/2010).

She identifies, funds the construction of the bridge was a loan from China Exim Bank of U.S. $ 12.75 billion. The funds will digelontorkan is a form of cooperation with private parties in Malacca.

"These funds, not government funds Malacca, Malaysia or the government. But the fund is a collaboration between Malacca investors who get loans," said Ali Moh Series.

According to him, between Sumatra to Malacca distance about 120 km. However, for the construction of the bridge was only about 45 km. Because construction of the bridge from Malacca is not up to the island of Sumatra, but up to Rupat Island. Because it is in the region Rupat in Bengkalis Island located on the east coast of Sumatra. From Rupat island will be connected back to the island of Sumatra, exactly Dumai, Riau.

"If the bridge is done, then the bridge Malacca will carve a new history is the longest bridge in Asia," said Datuk Seri Ali Moh.

For this development, said Datuk Seri Ali Moh, in the form of cooperation, is expected to bridge the Riau Provincial Government with the Central Government of Indonesia. "We did not directly ask for permission to the Indonesian central government. The level of lobbying that we are entrusted with the Governor of Riau. The affairs of the government of Malacca to Malaysia, we take care of it," said Datuk Ali Moh.

According to him, capital of the Malacca Strait bridge construction took him about 40 years. After that, during the next 40 years will take advantage of Malacca. This means that for 80 years levy funds are collected vehicles pass through the Malacca Straits.

"After 80 years, followed by citations of vehicles that pass in the JSM will be split into two with the Indonesian government. So basically, all the development funds that we are building it," said Datuk Seri Ali Moh.

Source: Chaidir Anwar