Irfan BACHDIM PROFILE - Who does not know Irfan Bachdim? he is a football player Indonesian Dutch descent, who is currently strengthening Persema Malang in Indonesia Super League. He also joined in the Indonesian national team Alfred Riedl care for AFF Cup 2010. In the play, he can occupy various positions such as striker, midfielder or wing.

Irfan Bachdim is now very popular among lovers of football, especially women. because he is very powerful in the field and also has a handsome face. two things that make Irfan Bachdim tub artist today.
Nickname mortal enemy of Indonesia as inappropriate girded Malaysia. The conflict with Indonesia from various things have often experienced such as mutual claims of the island, boundaries, or cultural claim. more funny anymore now Naturalization Irfan Bachdim Players also claimed to come from Malaysia.

That is at least contained within an online community forum entitled "Irfan original Bachdim Malaysia". Actually this post was sent on 7 December, several days after Indonesia defeated Malaysia 5-1 to score a landslide victory on 1 December. The sender first named account Haikal. Strangely, Haikal admitted as a citizen of Indonesia.

"I am an Indonesian and I confess If Irfan Bachdim malaysia real people. He never beg so wearga malaysia country, but was rebuffed as Malaysia," wrote Haikal. Of course these postings invite many raving comments and slander each other. A post from a member even commented to 1228 people. Inevitably, supporters of Indonesia did not accept this, they pointed to Malaysia as a country if stronghold builders claim that is often acknowledged something that comes from Indonesia to the extent that the original Bachdim Irfan bloody Indonesia from his father was also recognized as citizens of Malaysia.

Comments or posts written in this forum can not be justified. Its members were not clear. It could be the first post of Haikal it is probable that only caused the whim

Here It Irfan Bachdim Complete Profile:

Full name                : Irfan Haarys Bachdim
Nickname                : Irfan Bachdim
Date of birth           : August 11, 1988
Place of birth          : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Parents                     : Noval Bachdim (father), Hester van Dijic (mother)
Position                   : Midfielder, Striker
Back No.                  : 17
Club Team              : Persema
Height / weight    : 178 cm / 62 kg.
Favorite Players  : Ricardo Kaka (Real Madrid / Brazil)
Hobbies                  : listen music, walk
Boyfriend               : Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan

Junior Club
Year Club Apps (goals)
  • 1999-2001 Ajax Amsterdam
  • 2002 SV Argon
  • 2003-2007 FC Utrecht
Senior Club
  • 2008-2009 FC Utrecht 1 (0)
  • 2009 HFC Haarlem 0 (0)
  • 2010Persema Malang 6 (3)
National Team
  • 2010 - Indonesia.svg Indonesia 3 (1)

Irfan Bachdim first debut with the Indonesian national team at the start when the national team 6-0 in friendly match against East Timor, in Kilkenny on November 21, 2010. Irfan's first appearance with the national team in the tournament Bachdim officially occurred on December 1, 2010, while Indonesia beat Malaysia 5-1 at Bung Karno at the event AFF 2010. Irfan Bachdim himself scored 1 goal in the match