Restriction is meant by emergency services (emergency care) are part of the medical services needed by patients in the immediate period (imediatlely) to save his life (life saving). Health unit that carries out the emergency services called by the name of the ER (emergency unit. Depending on the capability of being owned, the presence of ER can be various kinds.


Activities that are the responsibility of the ER iawab many kinds. It can generally be divided into three types (Flynn, 1962):

1. Organizing emergency services save lives Aims sufferers, but is often used only to obtain first aid and get services even outpatient services.

2. Held penyeringan service for cases requiring intensive inpatient services. Referring to cases of emergency which was considered heavy for intensive inpatient services.

3. Carrying out emergency medical information service. Accommodating and answered all the questions all members of the public about everything that has to do with emergency medical conditions (emergency medical questions).

As with many other medical care units, managing the ER is not as easy as expected. There will be many problems were found which, when simplified in general can be divided into two kinds, namely:

1. Financing problem
Mining problem is the difficulty pebiayaan ayang found in megelola ER. There are two main factors yangberperan, first, because the cost of emergency room pegelolaan large indeed. Second, because the ER is never biased income guaranteed.

2. Workload problems
Emergency sense differences between patients with health workers, causing the emergency services are often exploited by those who actually are less demanding. This lead on the large number of outpatient visitors will be reduced. The impact will be seen in declining revenues.

Many factors play a role as a cause of the ever increasing number of patient visits to the ER. In addition to its emergency discrepancy, also kerana berkut factors as:

1. The unavailability of a variety of other health facilities setiapo sat can be used to obtain outpatient services, especially on holidays.

2. More and more doctors who prefer to refer patients to the emergency room of the medical act in the place of private practice.

3. More and more people are saving, not dlu visit to the doctor or the clinic, because according to their assessment of a doctor or clinic will also refer them.

4. The influence of health insurance policies, which only bear the cost of outpatient treatment when held by the ER.

Problem solving efforts

To overcome the various problems the emergency services, there are some remedies that can be implemented. These efforts are intended among other things:

1. Increased public health education, so that in one pohak public's understanding of the emergency services can be improved, on the other hand the community's ability to cope with simple health problems can be improved.

2. Increase the number of health facilities held responsible for outpatient services, including first aid services.

3. Promote the health insurance programs, especially those that adhere to the payment systems of pre-effort (pre-payment system).

Introduction to health administration, third edition. DR.Dr. Azrul Anwar MPH, Binarupa Literacy, 1996, pages 78-82.

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