Heavy rain which fell on Thursday (16/12) at around 15:30 pm, making the activity a little disturbed residents of Denpasar. Hail downs felt residents in the surrounding residential Mahendradatta Street and Merpati Street, Housing Monang Maning, West Denpasar.

"About ten minutes after the rain, suddenly there was a sound like a thrown stone. After the note, it turns out there is broken ice cube size 1 x 1 centimeter, "said Nyoman Wirya, one of the residents of Mount Agung, who see this rare event directly.

Illustration"This is the first time for life. Residents are also afraid to come out because the sound of thunder and lightning fast, "he said.

"The ice was as clear as in the freezer. There also are already melting, "said Nyoman.

One shop owner in Jalan Gunung Agung also looking at this hail event.

"Startled, why did not eat there are people who throw stones at the house. It turned out that after the visits, there is ice cube the size of an adult thumb, "said I Wayan Prima, a resident of the street of Mount Agung.

When the hail event this happens, a gust of wind is not too tight. However, power outages directly to the present. Besides Gunung Agung Street, the area around Merpati Street, Denpasar, hail also occurred.